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With all of your key metrics in one place, monitoring your company’s performance has never been easier

Data is the only constant when it comes to business, which makes it even more difficult to stay on top of your game. Now more than ever you need to be in full control of your company’s data or risk falling behind.

Build world-class dashboards using Klipfolio PowerMetrics

Klipfolio puts you in the driver’s seat

Whether you manage a few client accounts, or hundreds, Klipfolio’s Client Management platform will scale with your business.

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Hundreds of integrations

With App Integrations and Mashups, Klipfolio can pull your company’s data from anywhere. From Marketing to Finance, Klipfolio allows for real time business decision making.

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Your data when you need it, on your terms

Klipfolio saves you time by eliminating the need for ad-hoc reporting through collaboration and organizational transparency. Your business is real time, so you should be too! Simple as that.

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Make Klipfolio your own

Personalize your dashboard software with the use of custom visualizations. Take customization to a new level by creating unique themes with CSS features and Javascript file uploads within our application.

Searching for an easy to use dashboard software solution designed for how you work? You’ve come to the right place.

We know that every role has different data points to monitor, requires different connectors, and has different value props. That’s why we’ve built the best dashboard software tool for you regardless of your role, industry, service and data sources. Beginner to advanced, there's no technical skills required. From a quick overview of where your business stands to a deep dive analysis, unleash the power of your data.

With everything from dashboard examples and commonly used metrics to the various ways you can easily select and share your dashboards, our dashboard software tool will help you deliver the data insights you have always wanted.

Here are three common data analytics dashboards by role:

Klipfolio for Sales: 2 women sitting at a desk

Sales Dashboard Software

See how sales dashboard software can propel your team, your business, and yourself to success. Choose a sales leaderboard to create some friendly competition around the office, or monitor the inventory of your products.

Klipfolio for Marketing: A group of people in a meeting looking at a whiteboard

Marketing Dashboard Software

Ensure you and your team have a clear view into your most important marketing metrics - be it ROI on a video campaign, traffic on your website, social media news, current performance of an A/B test, or email open rates all in one dashboard software reporting tool.

Klipfolio for Executives and CEOs: CEO on her phone sitting at her desk

Executive Dashboard Software

As a high-level executive, you likely have a million things flying at you from all sides. A comprehensive management dashboard report can help get everyone in the company on the same page.

Check out our dashboard reporting tools section by role.

Here you will find more examples including SaaS, Data Analysts, Accounting/Finance, Customer Support, Digital Advertising, Social Media, User Experience, Human Resources, Operations and Product Management just to name a few.

Share your dashboard software insights

Our experience working with 11,000 customers has taught us that there are countless ways to share data. So we’ve made sure that sharing is easy - with anyone you want, whenever you want. This means sharing dashboards and Klips within your organization, with your clients, and publicly, as a download, pre-scheduled or in real-time, on various devices.

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TV Dashboards

Displaying multiple TV dashboards, data boards, or monitors in your office ensures your team remains data-driven and never loses sight of company goals.

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Mobile Business Dashboard

View your dashboards on the go by downloading our mobile device app. Enjoy a streamlined dashboard software experience on your mobile phone, with Klipfolio for iPhone and Android.

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Online Web Dashboard

Share your dashboards via the web using published links, which will provide people with the link access to your dashboards, publicly via search engines, or password protected, even if they are not users.

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Email Dashboards

Klipfolio offers your the ability to turn key data visualizations and dashboards into regularly scheduled email reports. This is perfect for daily and bi-weekly updates as well as tracking goals.

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PDF Dashboard Reports

Visual downloads in a single click, yes please. Generate a variety of downloadable reports based on data visualizations, or entire dashboards. This means you can provide your performance metrics in presentations, charts, reports, and communications.

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KPI Dashboard

To help keep teams and organizations on the same page, a KPI dashboard helps provide at-a-glance insights into relevant key performance indicators to a particular objective or key buiness process, helping to easily visualize how the performance of key measures are being met.

Connect with your everyday data sources all in one place, in seconds

Still don’t have you convinced? Here are some of the ways our customers create Klipfolio dashboards to monitor their performance. Need some creative inspiration before building your dashboards? Visit our Pre-Built Dashboard Gallery.

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Build custom dashboard reports using your Excel spreadsheets and combine them with metrics from web services, SQL databases, and custom data sources.

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Google Sheets

Develop custom dashboards using any Google Sheet from your Google Drive account. Like always, you can combine your Google Sheets data set with other services to enhance your dashboard experience.

Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics

From organic traffic to referrals, to goal conversion, track Google Analytics with other services like Facebook Ads, Salesforce, and HubSpot to take your dashboarding to the next level.

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SQL Database

Tired of running the same queries day in and day out? With Klipfolio, you can use those queries to build powerful dashboards that update automatically for you.