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Klip Template | Google Calendar - My Calendar Today

Metric Overview:

See what Google Calendar events you have scheduled for today and never miss a meeting.


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About this Klip

Easily answer the question, “What’s on my calendar today?” with this Klip using Google Calendar. We all have busy days and keeping track of all your meetings can be a hassle. This metric gives you a short-list of your scheduled calendar meetings.

About the visualization

Pulling data from your Google Calendar account, this visualization tells the name of your appointment as well as the scheduled time and approximated duration.

About Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows you to plan meetings and schedule in future appointments to help you plan out your, week, month, or even year. Easily invite people to meetings by adding their email to the list, and indicate whether or not you are busy or free during a time frame. In an office space, you can also book rooms to make sure you’re not scrambling to find a meeting place last-minute.

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