Uptime Report

Klip Template | New Relic Pingdom - Uptime Report

Metric Overview:

Monitor the uptime of your chosen server using New Relic and Pingdom.


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About this Klip

Monitoring uptime is a critical operational metric. Any downtime or lag in response time could mean a loss in customer trust. This dynamic metric allows you to bring together your data from 2 major services that help you manage your servers.

About the visualization

Create a comprehensive uptime report and track response time trends with this Klip.

About New Relic

A platform for DevOps and tech teams, New Relic is a software analytics company that gives users the ability to measure and monitor infrastructure and app performance.

About Pingdom

Pingdom allows you to track your site’s performance and with uptime, real user, transaction, synthetic, server, experience, and website availability monitoring.

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