Top 10 Competitors in Organic Search

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Metric Overview:

Stay on top of the game by tracking your top ten competitors in organic search based on domains with common keywords. Domains with a higher number of common keywords are considered competitors.


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About this Klip

It is important to keep an eye on where you and your competitors sit in terms of major keywords. Identifying how many similar keywords you both are targeting and which ones pull in significant amounts of traffic can allow you to prioritize what keyword targeting needs to be improved on and where there is an open opportunity for you to become the authority on the subject.

About the visualization

Having a view into the your top 10 competitors for keywords is an immensely useful visualization Displaying the competitor domain name, along with the levels of organic traffic that is being served both your content and your competitor's content gives you insight into where you need to focus your targeting.

About SEMrush

SEMrush is a go-to online marketing analytics platform. The service allows you to in depth keyword searches, track your backlinks, monitor your SERP position, and research your advertizing.

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