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Build a Moz dashboard with Klipfolio

Moz Dashboard

Use Moz to create an online marketing dashboard

With Klipfolio, you can create a Moz Dashboard to track your most important online marketing metrics. Getting started on your Moz dashboard is easy and only takes a few minutes, thanks to our gallery of pre-built Moz templates (which you can explore below). But that's just the start: you can create custom marketing dashboards by combining data from Moz with metrics from other services like HubSpot, Google AdWords, social media platforms, and many more.

How to build a Moz dashboard

There are three ways to build online marketing dashboards in Klipfolio:

  1. Dashboard Gallery - Use a pre-built Moz dashboard
  2. Klip Gallery - Use pre-built Moz metrics
  3. Connector Gallery - Use the Connector Gallery to create a custom Moz dashboard

Use a pre-built Moz dashboard

Instantly track search performance by using a pre-built Moz dashboard. These have been built to surface SEO KPIs like page authority, external links, top performing pages, and more.

Use pre-built Moz metrics

Assemble a Moz dashboard by selecting pre-built metrics from the Klip Gallery.

Klip Template | Moz - Backlinks


The more backlinks you have pointing back to your website, the more popular it will be. Monitor the number of backlinks to your website and compare it to your competitors.


Klip Template | Moz - Domain Authority

Domain Authority

Predict how well a website will rank on search engines by tracking Domain Authority and comparing it with competitors.


Klip Template | Moz - External Links

External Links

Monitor the number of external links to your site and compare it with your competitors.


Klip Template | Moz - Moz Rank

Moz Rank

Ensure you have high quality incoming links by monitoring your Moz Rank and comparing it with your competitors.


Klip Template | Moz - Page Authority

Page Authority

Compare your page authority with your competitors and predict where you stand on search engine rankings.


Klip Template | Moz - Top Pages by Page Authority

Top Pages by Page Authority

Discover the top pages on your website by ranking them by Page Authority. This Klip requires the Moz API paid subscription.


Use the Connector Gallery to create a custom Moz dashboard

With our Connector Gallery, you can create custom API queries to pull in data from your Moz account. Building custom queries allows you to specify the metrics and time periods that you want to track.

You can use custom queries to build out custom visualizations in Klipfolio. You can also combine your Moz data with other relevant data (i.e. Google Analytics) to get a deeper understanding of how your online marketing efforts are performing.

Learn how to connect to Mozscape API

We've developed a tutorial video that explains how you can start building your Moz dashboard using the Mozscape API.