Ready to start building your business dashboard? Here's how to get started.


Add a Pre-Built Business Dashboard

Just like adding visualizations from the Gallery, you can add pre-built dashboards. These are complete dashboards used to monitor services like Google Analytics or AdWords.

Here's how it works:

  • Select the service you'd like to monitor
  • Verify you have proper access to the data by signing into that service
  • Sip your coffee and watch while Klipfolio assembles your dashboard


Build Your Own Business Dashboard

Once you've assembled a few dashboards with our templates, you're going to want to build custom dashboards that tackle the unique and specific challenges of your business.

We've given you all the tools you need to build custom dashboards. As with any powerful software tool, there is a learning curve. So, grab a coffee, crack open our Editor, and start investing in your dashboard. We promise it'll be worth it.

Here's how it works:

  • Draw your dashboard on a napkin
  • Decide which data sources you'll need to access in order to create your dashboard
  • Use the custom editor to start bringing your data to life
  • Learn Klipfolio using our online chat, documentation and tutorials, webinars, videos, or by getting in touch with our success team.


Get help from a dashboard ninja

Need help with your dashboard? We'd be happy to help.

We offer a free email and phone support as well as a number of services tailored to how much or how little help you need.

Find a service that works for you:

  • Ninja Services: Personalized training and assistance
  • Ninja+ Services: All the benefits of Ninja services, plus twice the training
  • Managed Dashboard Service: Let our Ninjas build and manage your dashboards for you
  • Professional Services: Ad hoc services to suit your dashboard requirements.
Ninja services to help you build and manage your business dashboard software

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The 7 dashboards every digital marketer needs.

Marketing Dashboard with our Dashboard Gallery

A taste of what's possible with our pre-built dashboards!

Dashboard Template | Google Analytics - Daily Overview

Google Analytics - Daily Overview

How is your website performing right now? This dashboard is laser focused on answering that question.


facebook ads dashboard

Facebook Ads - Overview

How are you performing on Facebook Ads? This dashboard helps you track key digital advertising metrics for Facebook like CPC, CPA, CTR, and spend.


Dashboard Template | AdWords Keyword Performance

AdWords Keyword Performance

How are your keywords performing on AdWords? Get the answer in this interactive dashboard.


Dashboard Template | Social Media Command Centre

Social Media Command Centre

How are you performing on social media? This dashboard gives you a view into your performance on 6 platforms.


Free guide!

The 7 dashboards every digital marketer needs.

Build your own Marketing Dashboard

A look at the endless possibilities you can have with Klipfolio

Web Metrics Dashboard

  • With the Brand Awareness metric, you can dig deeper into your key marketing channels and analyze the performance of each.
  • The First Visit metric tracks where visitors come from and how engaged they are with your website.
  • With the Returning Visit metric, you can analyze user behavior and determine how well your content resonates.
  • The Conversion metric provides insight into the performance of core pages, web conversions, and compares that to online sales.

Learn more about this dashboard and build your own in minutes

CMO Dashboard

  • Your essential marketing metrics updated in real-time, and accessible any time you have a question.
  • Keep everyone on the same page with a clear, succinct dashboard displayed on a wall-mounted television in your office.
  • Combine data from all your marketing sources to get at-a-glance insight about your campaign performance.

Campaign Performance Dashboard

  • Get a real-time, interactive view of your digital marketing performance
  • Analyze campaign data to track key metrics like CPC, ROI, and CAC
  • Use the Campaign Performance Dashboard to make real-time decisions based on results

View the live dashboard and build your own in minutes

Lead Generation Dashboard

  • Get a real-time, interactive view of your marketing funnel
  • Track your leads against daily and monthly targets to reach your marketing goals
  • Get a better understanding of demographic conversion rates to help drive your decision making

View the live dashboard and build your own in minutes

Social Media Dashboard

  • Compare and contrast your performance across all major social platforms.
  • Analyze demographic data and get to know your audience like never before.
  • Connect all the dots to get a clear picture of your social media ROI -- from social platform and web visit to your CRM and marketing automation suite.

Learn about the 12 must have metrics for your social media dashboard and how to build your own in minutes

What our customers say

"With Klipfolio our analytics now tell a story by measuring activity against goals and KPIs. By allowing us to gather data through the API we've been able to create reports that aren’t available out of other native applications.... we have filled the measurement gaps in our processes and are continuing to get smarter about what we're executing. "

Melanie Richeson, Direct Marketing Manager at Global Experience Specialists (GES)

"For us Klipfolio was simply the best solution to build a visual overview of key data and information, combined from different online data sources. Google Analytics, Drive, Adwords and Trends are the sources we use most. What we like about the Klipfolio company and people is their responsiveness and eagerness to help you with whatever problem or question you have. "

Peter Backer, Software Developer at MaxLead

"As a search engine marketing agency, we rely on the analysis of many measurements. Klipfolio allows us to present this data in a clear and understandable way. Thanks to the very tidy and nice graphical representation, developments and trends are easy to see and track. In addition, the maintenance of the data is very simple. "

Sven Behring, Link and Content Development Manager (SEO) at Second Elements GmbH & Co.

"Our mission is to make online marketing data really easy to access and to interpret, so that both marketers and agencies want to look at our online marketing dashboards every day. And Klipfolio is THE best tool to deliver on that promise. "

Erik van Dorp, Owner & Entrepreneur at Cervino Marketing

Free guide!

The 7 dashboards every digital marketer needs.

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