What is the difference?

Account Impressions vs Account Reach

Account Impressions

Account Reach

What is it?

Account Impressions counts the total number of times posts or ads from an account has been viewed by social media users. This count includes multiple views from the same user.

Account Reach is the total number of unique accounts that have viewed posts or ads published by an account on social media. Repeat views are not counted when tracking this metric, rather, it measures how many individuals the content has reached.


ƒ Count(Account Impressions)
ƒ Count(Account Reach)


On Instagram, a post is viewed 500 times in one day. The account that posted this content therefore has an Account Impressions count of 500 for that day.

A business posts two ads on Twitter. In one day, the first ad is viewed by 100 unique accounts and the second ad is viewed by 200 unique accounts. The Account Reach for that day is 300.

Published and updated dates

Date created: Nov 6, 2020

Latest update: Feb 24, 2022

Date created: Nov 6, 2020

Latest update: Feb 24, 2022