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Average Time on Page vs Average Session Duration

Average Time on Page

Average Session Duration

What is it?

Average Time on Page is a web analytics metric that measures the average amount of time spent on a single page by all users of a website. This metric does not consider exit pages or bounces, and only measures the average time spent by users on non-exit pages. An exit page is the last page of a website session.

Average Session Duration measures the average amount of time spent per session on your website. It is calculated by dividing total time spent across sessions by the total number of sessions.


ƒ Sum(Time Spent on Page) / ( Count(Page Views) – Count(Page Exits) )
ƒ Sum(Total Session Duration) / Count(Total Number of Sessions)


A page with 1,500 page views, 1,000 page exits, and 300 minutes of time spent on a page has an Average Time Spent on Page of 300/(1,500 – 1,000) = 300/500 = .6 minutes, or 36 seconds.

A website gets 10,000 sessions in a month. All together, these sessions add up to a total session duration of 400 hours, or 24,000 minutes, in that same month. Therefore, for that month, the Average Session Duration is 2.4 minutes.

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