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Average Session Duration

What is Average Session Duration?

Average Session Duration measures the average amount of time spent on your website. It is calculated by dividing total time spent across sessions by the total number of sessions.

How to calculate Average Session Duration

ƒ Sum(Total Session Duration) / Count(Total Number of Sessions)


A website gets 10,000 sessions in a month. All together, these sessions add up to a total session duration of 400 hours, or 24,000 minutes, in that same month. Therefore, for that month, the Average Session Duration is 2.4 minutes.

More about this metric

A session is defined as a period of activity on a website that starts when a user enters the website and ends with either inactivity or exiting the website. The more time a user spends on your website, the higher are the possibilities for them to return, sign up, purchase a product, and generally develop a relationship with a business.

By tracking the Average Session Duration, you gain the ability to understand, on average, how much time people are spending on the content across your website. If this number is on the lower side, it may indicate that your website or content is not interesting or difficult to use. In general, several benchmark studies agree that the average session should last between 2 – 4 minutes.

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