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Email Unsubscribe Rate

What is Email Unsubscribe Rate?

Email Unsubscribe Rate is the percentage of email addresses that unsubscribe from an email marketing campaign, out of all email addresses that successfully received an email. Email recipients can choose to opt-out of mailing lists and this action is called an unsubscribe. Regulating the frequency, content, and purpose of sending emails can reduce Email Unsubscribe Rate.

How to calculate Email Unsubscribe Rate

ƒ Count(Email Unsubscribes) / Count(Emails Delivered)

What is a good Email Unsubscribe Rate benchmark?

According to a 2021 benchmark report by Campaign Monitor, the average Email Unsubscribe rate is 0.1%.


If your marketing team sends 1,000 emails that are all successfully delivered and 10 users unsubscribe from your mailing list, your Email Unsubscribe Rate is 1%.

More about this metric

The option to unsubscribe from mailing lists is a feature enforced to protect email recipients from spam. It is important to avoid behaviour that can be categorized as spam in order to keep your Email Unsubscribe Rate low. Sending emails with relevant and useful content, avoiding emailing too frequently, and having a double opt-in process are some ways in which to lower Email Unsubscribe Rate.

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