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Page Views Per Session

What is Page Views Per Session?

Page Views Per Session is the count of a website’s total page views divided by the total number of sessions that have taken place. It indicates the average number of pages on your website that users access per session.

Alternate names: Pages Per Session

How to calculate Page Views Per Session

ƒ Count(Total Page Views) / Count(Total Sessions)

What is a good Page Views Per Session benchmark?

According to a 2020 benchmark study by Littledata, the average website gets between 1.8 and 4.4 Page Views Per Sessions, with the top 10% of websites getting more than 5.7 Page Views Per Session on average.


If 30,000 sessions take place on a website in one month with a total of 45,000 page views, the Page Views Per Session for the website in that month is 1.5.

More about this metric

A page view is counted when a user views a page on a website and includes multiple views from the same user. A session is the window during which a user interacts with a website. Users may view more than one page on a website during a session. The average number of pages during a session is known as Page Views Per Session.

This metric can help measure how well your website manages to interest users enough to explore pages beyond the initial page they landed on. A website that has high Page Views Per Session, along with long Average Time on Page, generally leads to a higher conversion rate. It is important to consider your website’s goals: for example, it can be normal for a website featuring only an infinite-scroll blog to have lower Page Views Per Session. In most cases, however, users clicking through multiple pages of your website indicates that your website is easy to navigate and has engaging content.

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