Date created: Oct 12, 2022  •   Last updated: Oct 12, 2022

What is Referrals?

The Referrals metric measures the number of potential customers that have been directed to your product through the promotion of an existing customer. Referrals are often generated by word of mouth but can also result from influencer marketing and review sites. Software companies can develop flows that encourage promotion and virality.

Referrals Formula

ƒ Count(Referrals)

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How to visualize Referrals?

To visualize your Referrals data, consider using a chart that lets you easily segment your data, such as a bar chart. Check out the example of how to segment your Referrals data by campaign:

Referrals visualization example


Bar Chart

Here's an example of how to visualize your Referrals data in a bar chart to observe segmented data.
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Measuring Referrals

More about Referrals

With Google Analytics, Referrals, or Referral Traffic, counts the numbers of visits that came to your site from sources outside of its search engine. When someone clicks on a hyperlink to go to a new page on a different website, Analytics tracks the click as a referral visit to the second site.