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Video Completions

What is Video Completions?

A Video Completion refers to the number of times a video plays to the end.

Alternate names: Video Views 100%

How to calculate Video Completions

ƒ Count(Video Completions)

What is a good Video Completions benchmark?

Video Completions for a video can be benchmarked against Video Completions for another video or collection of video content. Other potential considerations when benchmarking are the length of video (short-format vs. long-format), quartile completions, and audience retention rate.


You recently released a 1-minute explainer video on your social media channels. While 250 started to watch the video, only 150 watched it to the end. In this example, Video Completions is 100.

More about this metric

Video Completion typically refers to the number of times a video plays to the end. Video Completion is often broken up into quartile metrics (e.g. 25% Complete, 50% Complete, 75% Complete, 100% Complete) to indicate levels of video engagement/retention, including views that skipped to that point. Some platforms, including LinkedIn, use a range (such as 97-100%) as their ultimate tier. It is important to read the metric definitions of each platform you use before making any comparisons.

The Video Completion metric is especially relevant for Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, and Editorial/Production functions.

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