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Video Conversions

What is Video Conversions?

Video Conversions is the count of actions taken on your video that count as conversion. Conversions can include clicks, engagement with links and other video elements, and view-throughs.

How to calculate Video Conversions

ƒ Count(Video Conversions)


A video ad receives 1,000 view-throughs that last longer than 30 seconds, 500 link clicks, and 500 clicks to play the video. The Video Conversions count is 2,000.

More about this metric

Video ads generally have a higher conversion rate than images because they force the user to spend more time trying to understand the core message as opposed to images, where the message is immediately apparent. Video Conversions is a useful metric to track to understand the volume of conversions your ad gets. There are different ways in which a conversion is counted, and it includes video clicks, engagement with links and other video elements, and video view-throughs. This metric can be measured along with Video Conversion Rate to get a better picture of your video’s performance.

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