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Video Engagement Rate

What is Video Engagement Rate?

Video Engagement Rate is the percentage of impressions that have resulted in some form of video engagement. Video Engagements can include video views, likes, shares, link clicks, and other forms of interaction with a video.

How to calculate Video Engagement Rate

ƒ Count(Video Engagements) / Count(Video Impressions)


If your video ad gets 10,000 impressions and 2,000 engagements, your Video Engagement Rate is 20%.

More about this metric

Video Engagement Rate can help you track the extent to which your video impressions are making an impact. To calculate this metric, divide the total number of Video Engagements by the total number of Video Impressions. Usually expressed as a percentage, this number when low can be a useful indicator that your video ad may not be capturing your audience even if you manage to have a large reach. To improve your Video Engagement Rate, pay attention to trends over time and ensure that you have a call-to-action in your video and video promotional posts and material.

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