MRR Growth Rate

What is MRR Growth Rate?

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Growth Rate is the velocity at which MRR is being added to the business, expressed as a percentage. MRR Growth Rate is often cited as a monthly rate, but it's also possible to express it using an annual timeframe; for example, "we are targeting 10% MRR Growth for April", or "our MRR Growth Rate was 100% last year".
Alternate names: Monthly Recurring Revenue Growth Rate


For companies at less than $100K in MRR, best in class growth rates are 9% to 14% per month. Those growth rates will be hard to maintain, and for companies above $500K in MRR, best in class falls to 4% to 7%.

How to calculate MRR Growth Rate

ƒ (Total MRR end of period - Total MRR beginning of period) / (Total MRR beginning of period)

Favourable trend

Up is positive

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Date created: Apr 28, 2018

Latest update: Apr 14, 2019

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