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Flexibility for a flat fee

Included in the Unlimited Enterprise Plan

Core Features


Data Connectors
Data Refresh
Personalized Remote Program
Ninja Building Services
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*Fine Print (No surprises)

  • Fair use limits apply
  • Available for any new customer

Other Unlimited Partner Plan add-ons (Annual Cost):

Dedicated Enterprise Server ($8K)
Enterprise Security Bundle ($4k)
OKR/KPI strategy workshop bundle ($4K)

Flexible User Allowance

When it comes time to renew, we'll work with you on a flat annual fee based upon $25/user with a 150% Flexible User Allowance so you never have to worry about adding more users. meaning you can add up to 50% more Users in year two and your price stays the same

Successfully Launch Your Client Reporting Platform With Klipfolio

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Keeping your data secure

The availability, confidentiality, and integrity of your data is of utmost importance to your business, and to Klipfolio. We use multiple safeguards to protect this information, and are constantly monitoring and improving our products and services.

Your account includes multiple safeguards and advanced security features including ID and password encryption, HTTPs and SSL, and dashboard/reporting access controls which can be set by users with different privileges.

Rolling out client reporting made easier

Whether you are switching data analytic platforms or new to rolling out a reporting tool, we understand the work that goes into getting the project off the ground.

This is why the Unlimited Enterprise Plan includes everything you need for success. With a large bundle of resources from training to support to building, your team will see the results of better data driven decisions and new revenue in no time.

Why Klipfolio?

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Award Winning. Highest Rated. Trusted Globally.

Power and flexibility at an affordable price point and a support team second to none. Just read our reviews! After several years of working with companies like yours, we’ve designed the Unlimited Enterprise Plan to eliminate all of the most common roadblocks faced by larger teams.

You might be wondering...

When it comes time to renew, your Success Manager will put together a flat fee rate for year two based on active users at $25/User (Min 40 users). It includes a 150% Flexible User Allowance, meaning you can add up to 50% more Users in year two and your price stays the same. And it still includes all of the same key features (dashboards, published links, live chat, etc) — no expensive add-ons or upgrades. We’re all about making this a predictable cost for your business and helping you maximize your client reporting investment.

We’ll work with you hands-on to make sure your account is set up properly and ready for lift off. This includes setting up your Users, helping build data sources, supporting you in building your first dashboards and reports, adding integrations, and more. Once your account is feeling good, we’ll facilitate a live training session (or multiple) to make sure everyone on your team understands how Klipfolio will work for them. We’ll be there from day one, ready to spring into action if you’ve got any questions. Let's make sure your team can succeed with data to drive the right decisions at the right time.

Our standard plans focus on a self-service level of experience and support, where our customers usually take more time to roll-out effectively. With the Unlimited Enterprise Plan you have access to the resources and support to get you up and running without worrying about incremental costs and impacting the bottom line. Each time you add someone new, add more integrations, add more dashboards or reports you don't need to get budget approval.

Why yes, you can. Your price will be $35/User, based on your existing User count at signup. The $1k/month offering for unlimited Users is reserved for new customers. Please know that annual payment is a requirement on this plan.

No Hassles, No Surpises.

The Unlimited Enterprise Plan makes it easy for larger teams to experiment, grow and roll out a client reporting platform that works for everyone.

We’re here to answer any questions you have!