We count some of the world’s best and brightest organizations as our customers.

Being data-driven is more than a numbers game to our customers: it's what makes them stand out from the crowd. We're proud that these fine organizations have chosen Klipfolio as their business dashboard.


Technology companies are driven by an innovative spirit but their enthusiasm is tempered by a strong technical background. They understand the importance of having the right data, whether their organization is a newly launched start-up or an established industry heavyweight. 

We chose Klipfolio because of how easy it was to integrate with our back-end data, and the ease of learning the UI in terms of transforming and getting value out of that data.

George Kang -- Edmunds


Whether your retail operation is an online store, a single storefront, or a nationwide chain of outlets, your objectives are the same: increasing revenue, accurately forecasting demand and providing outstanding customer service. To do this effectively, retail organizations rely on the right data and KPIs to assess their performance, and make the adjustments needed to achieve their business objectives.

Klipfolio Dashboard enables us to clearly communicate digital goals to our clients so they can make actionable decisions.

Michael Donovan -- Direction Digital


From ensuring high standards of service and efficient facility administration to managing patient outcomes and satisfaction, healthcare organizations always need the right data at their fingertips. When it's time to make a critical decision, they rely on accurate data to make those decisions with 100% certainty.

Klipfolio Dashboard looks great in my web browser, my iPad, and our big screen TV. Klipfolio has truly married form and function.

Adam Landrum -- Merge

Financial Services

Today's banking and financial services industry requires the visibility of real-time, accurate and, above-all, actionable information. These organizations are actively fostering a culture of performance by providing ubiquitous access to KPIs and other business-critical metrics.

Deploying Klipfolio is about being able to make better decisions and quickly identifying issues as they happen.

Daniel Steel -- Aviva


Manufacturing organizations are the definition of process-driven. A smooth manufacturing operation includes reduced costs and increased revenue, while minimizing downtime and maximizing distribution efforts. And that's true whether you manufacture aircrafts or widgets.

The latest version of Klipfolio to hit the web clearly demonstrates that this company is in it for the long-haul. And with a heritage that dates back to 2002, it seems obvious from their newest improvements, I will still be writing about Klipfolio in 2022

Bill French -- Vizyx

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies are tasked with delivering results. In today's fractured data landscape, providing a solid ROI figure means reconciling dozens of data sources. Data-driven agencies enlist the help of Klipfolio Dashboard to consolidate all this data to provide clients with a clear view of their performance.

We chose Klipfolio because they have a solid 10 year track record and offer powerful visualizations and data integration capabilities.

Stéphane Hamel -- Cardinal Path


Not-for-profit organizations champion issues like world hunger, poverty and climate change. As they solve these problems, they rely on real-time data to ensure their own organization is operating at full capacity and to share their successes with the communities they work with. We're honoured and humbled these organizations have chosen Klipfolio.

When I found out the dashboard price, I didn't think it was real. Now I use Klipfolio to track every area of my performance from social performance to my financials.

Kenny Kane -- StupidCancer.org


Government agencies are taking a proactive role in providing employees, clients and citizens with faster, more responsive experiences. By promoting a data-driven culture, these organizations are affecting large-scale improvements such as administrative efficiency, more internal alignment between departments and agencies, and greater transparency and trust with the public. 

The versatility of Klipfolio enables us to combine multiple data sources and build real-time interactive data visualizations.

Casper Blicher Olsen -- IIH Nordic