What is the difference?

Time To Hire vs Time to Fill

Time to Hire

Time to Fill

What is it?

Time to Hire is the amount of time it takes a Human Resources team to hire a selected candidate. It measures the speed and efficiency of your HR team and can be an indicator of competition in the hiring market.

Time to Fill is the amount of time it takes a Human Resources Team to fill an open position. It can indicate where HR teams can make process improvements. It can also demonstrate changes in the hiring market.


ƒ Sum(days to hire selected candidate) / Count(roles hired)
ƒ Sum(days to fill each open role) / Count(roles hired)


Sarah applies for a customer success position. Although many other applicants have been interviewed, Sarah continues through the hiring process and is identified as a candidate to which an offer will be made. She accepts the offer 10 days after having applied. Time to Hire = Accepted date - date having entered the pipeline = 10 days

Role 1 hired: 25 days Role 2 hired: 40 days Role 3 hired: 35 days Average Time to Fill = (25d + 40d + 35d) / 3 hires = 33.33 days per hire.

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