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Human resource managers have a lot of data that they have to track and stabalize. With their perview covering employee statistics, performance and legal issues, and leadership development, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. These HR Metrics and KPIs give you valuable insight into your data and help to ensure that no one is left in the dark.

HR KPI Examples | Ethnic Diversity Ratio

Ethnic Diversity Ratio

Track the diversity of your company’s workforce.

HR KPI Examples | Gender Ratio

Gender Ratio

Measure the ratio of male to female employees in your company.

HR KPI Examples | Span of Control

Span of Control

Monitor the number of subordinates working under a manager.

HR KPI Examples | Headcount


Track the size of your company or department.

HR KPI Examples | Applications Received per Vacancy

Applications Received per Vacancy

Track the popularity of your job vacancy postings.

HR KPI Examples | Signing Bonus Expense

Signing Bonus Expense

Measure the average size of the signing bonus for all new hires.

HR KPI Examples | Recruiter to Open Requisitions Ratio

Recruiter to Open Requisitions Ratio

Measure the ratio of recruiters to open job positions waiting to be filled.

HR KPI Examples | Open Job Requisitions

Open Job Requisitions

Monitor the number of open positions within your company.

HR KPI Examples | Job Offer Acceptance Rate

Job Offer Acceptance Rate

Measure the rate at which job offers are accepted by prospective employees.

HR KPI Examples | Cost per Hire

Cost per Hire

Measure how much it costs for a single hire.

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