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KPI Examples - Help Desk

Track your performance in real time to respond to tickets before they become crises.

Great customer support has the potential to elevate your product or service from "average" to "game-changing." That's because people are still the most important part of the business equation, and always will be. Help desk agents get this, and work hard to provide the highest quality of support possible. Use these Help desk KPIs and metrics to give your team the insights they need to elevate your product or service to the next level.

Help Desk KPI  | Ticket Analysis

Ticket Analysis

Understand what types of tickets are being submitted to your help desk.

Help Desk KPI  | Ticket Queue

Ticket Queue

Analyze and prioritize your response to tickets currently in queue.

Help Desk KPI  | Agent Performance

Agent Performance

Measure the performance of help desk agents according to key metrics.

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