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Ad Clicks

What is Ad Clicks?

Ad Clicks, or simply Clicks, is a marketing metric that counts the number of times users have clicked on a digital advertisement to reach an online property.

Alternate names: Total Clicks, Ad Click Throughs

How to calculate Ad Clicks

ƒ Count(Ad Clicks)


If you have a campaign running, you are probably able to access click data on each specific ad. You may see data like this: Ad 1: 4,686 clicks Ad 2: 1,248 clicks Ad 3: 984 clicks You can see that Ad 1 is the higher performing ad by clicks. You may want to evaluate this ad and figure out why audiences tend to click on it more. You may also want to review Ad 3 and try to determine why it is not receiving as many clicks.

More about this metric

Online advertisements can be a text ad, a banner, or even a button. The primary goal of running digital advertisements is usually to increase the amount of traffic directed towards a web page.

Clicks are one of the most important measures of your ad performance. A click means that your ad was interesting enough to get a viewer to take action. Each click represents an opportunity to convert that user into a purchase, lead, or sign up. Clicks also correlate to the amount of traffic that your web pages are receiving from your ads.

The result of clicking takes the user to a website; often a specifically created landing page for that advertisement. It's important to measure Click Through Rate (CTR) as well, as this will give a qualitative measure of how good your advertisement is at converting the views, or Impressions, of your ad.

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