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What is Content Engagement?

For content and social media marketers, Content Engagement, may be one of the most important ways to know what is working and how to improve your craft. Content Engagement measures all engagements with your web or social media content. These might include form completions, shares, likes, comments, re-tweets, etc.

How to calculate Content Engagement

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For web content, the most common types of Content Engagements will be form completions or commenting. Measuring Content Engagement on your website is powerful, as it's lower in the funnel and by definition closer to a revenue event.

Looking at social media, which is generally higher in the funnel, however measures a much larger audience, the most common Content Engagement triggers are Likes, re-tweets, shares, pins and so on. Social media platforms are optimized for quick and easy engagements, but it's important to weight a share or comment higher than a like.

As with most metrics, the results you get from measuring Content Engagement will be a combination of both how good your content is, and how much of a fit it is for the audience you are attracting.

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