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Content Engagement

What is Content Engagement?

For content and social media marketers, Content Engagement may be one of the most important ways to know what is working and how to improve your craft. Content Engagement measures all engagements resulting from content generated in a social media account including shares, likes, comments, and re-tweets. These metrics are considered the most important when looking at the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and overall strategy

How to calculate Content Engagement

ƒ Count(Likes) + Count(Comments) + Count(Shares) + Count(Clicks) + Count(Reach)

What is a good Content Engagement benchmark?

The engagement rate is 0.08% across industries on Facebook, according to RivalIQ's 2021 benchmark study.


Your Facebook business page receives a total of 10,000 likes, 500 shares and 500 comments on posts, and reaches 15,000 people across all posts. This means that your Content Engagement totals to 26,000.

More about this metric

Content Engagement can help you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns by measuring your audience's level of engagement with your content. Users tend to engage more with content the more you connect with them, so the key to increased Content Engagement is relevant and high quality content.

While high levels of engagement is a good sign, remember to tie it in with your marketing objectives. Monitor your Click-Through Rate along with Content Engagement and Engagement Rate to understand how well your efforts on social media are converting to purchases, sign-ups, downloads, website visits, and other actions crucial to your business.

You can review and compare your performance over time, using line graphs to show the number of likes, comments, shares, and clicks your page is generating each month. This can help you determine which posts are the most engaging and what content is most interesting to your audience. When a user engages with your posts, their network will see your content and help increase your brand’s awareness. As with most metrics, the results you get from measuring Content Engagement will be a combination of both how good your content is, and how much of a fit it is for the audience you are attracting.

Engagement on social media platforms, which is generally higher in the funnel, measures a much larger audience. The most common Content Engagement triggers are Likes, re-tweets, shares, reach, and clicks. Social media platforms are optimized for quick and easy engagement, but it's important to weigh a share or comment higher than a like because it generally requires more effort and thought.

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