Email Forwards

Date created: Apr 2, 2019  •   Last updated: Nov 23, 2020

What is Email Forwards?

Email Forwards is a count of the number of times an email was forwarded. This metric gives your marketing team insight into how useful, informative, and relevant your email content is to your users. It is also an indicator of potential list growth as recipients may then sign up for your email campaigns.

Alternate names: Email Virality


ƒ Count(Email Forwards)

Email Forwards

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More about this metric

There are some suggestions for encouraging contacts to forward your email:

1. The more relevant and targeted the content, the more engaged and motivated the recipient will be to share it with their friends or colleagues. 2. A/B test different calls to action, for example, "Forward to a friend" or "Share with your Network". Better yet, name the target audience you want, for example, "Share with other Email Marketers". 3. Single subject emails are much easier to share. This eliminates the need for the sender to explain what caught their attention in the first place. 4. Remove the noise. Emails with visual and message clarity and simplicity are easier to forward.

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