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Digital Marketing KPI Example - Ad Impression Metric

What is an Ad Impression?

An ad impression is a metric leveraged in digital or programmed advertising. It refers to an instance where an advertisement appears on a user's screen. It's usually within a mobile app, web page, or digital environment. 

The most startling thing about an ad impression is that it's counted every time an advertisement displays in a user's browser. This is regardless of whether the user interacts or engages with the ad. 

An ad impression portrays an opportunity for the promoter to reach their target clients. Moreover, these are essential metrics that marketers or advertisers should leverage. This is because digital marketing metrics can help them track the reach and visibility of their advertising campaigns. 

How Ad Impressions Work

Ad impressions work by tracking an ad on a mobile app or website. If you're an advertiser or a marketer, tracking your ads can help you estimate the visibility and reach of your ads. You can do the tracking through tracking technologies and ad serving.  

Ad serving is delivering virtual adverts to users through an ad server. This ad-serving technology is crucial for you if you're an advertiser. This is because it's very helpful in tracking, managing, and optimizing your programmed ad campaigns across web pages. 

You can also use tracking technologies to monitor user behavior. Moreover, tracking technologies are a helpful tool for tracking data coupled with online advertising campaigns. These tracking technologies include pixels, tags, and cookies. They allow promoters to estimate their ads' effectiveness.

Types of Ad Impressions

If you're an advertiser, there are various types of ad impressions you can measure and track. The different types of ad impressions include:

Served Impressions

Served impression counts the times an advertisement has appeared in a user's browser. This type of ad impression is often leveraged as an essential evaluation of ad delivery. However, it doesn't factor in whether the advertisement had any engagement or views from web users.

Verified Impressions

This type of ad impression focuses on verifying whether an ad reached a real person. This ad impression is good for you if you're an advertiser, as you won't waste your time sending an ad to fraudulent traffic.

Viewable Impressions

According to Interactive Advertising Bureau, a viewable impression is an ad that's 50% visible on a web user's screen. This is a more reliable impression compared to served impressions.

Clickable Impressions

Clickable impressions evaluate how many times users clicked on your ad. If you want to measure the effectiveness of your ad, this type of impression is crucial. This is because it helps measure the traffic the ad has brought to your website and the driving engagement.

Engagement Impressions

This type of ad impression measures how often users interact with an advertisement. If any of the users expand your ad, you will get notified. Therefore, this type of impression is essential if you want to know the engagement your ad received. Aside from evaluating your ads' engagement, you'll know which ads most people love.

Why an Ad Impression Matters

Ad impressions matter for multiple reasons, including:

Ad Performance

Ad impressions are beneficial when measuring the advertisement's reach or performance. If you're an advertiser, ad impressions can help you evaluate your ads' visibility and reach. 

Additionally, they can provide you insight into how many times and number of clicks your ad has. Moreover, if you want to assess your ad campaign's functionality, ad impression is best since it combines with Click-through rates. 

Ad Pricing

Regarding advertising models, advertisers or promoters pay based on how many impressions their ads get. In Cost per thousand impressions pricing, you pay a fixed amount of money for every one thousand impressions that your ad has. Therefore, you need to track your ads impressions to know how cost-effective the digital advertising campaigns are.

Ad Placement

Another reason why ad impressions matter is they help ascertain if an ad is displaying on a mobile app or a website. If you're an advertiser, you have your goals and techniques for your ad placements. Therefore, tracking impressions can help you understand which ad placements generate many impressions. They can also help you know the ads that give exposure to your users or target audience.

Ad Optimization

Ad impressions also matter because of their exceptional use of optimizing advertisement campaigns. For advertisers, you can evaluate the ad impression data and come up with data-driven decisions about:

  • Ad targeting
  • Ad creativity
  • Ad placements

Such ad optimization or decisions are crucial because they help boost the reach or performance of the ads. 

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Final Thoughts

An ad impression is significant if you're in the world of programmed advertising. It's crucial for determining ad pricing, measuring ad performance, and optimizing ad campaigns. 

As programmed or virtual advertising grows, ad impressions become more significant for the advertising industry. If you're an advertiser, you can get helpful insights that can help you make successful digital advertising campaigns. 

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