Lab Turnaround Time

The lab turnaround time KPI measures the ability of your lab to process lab results.

Healthcare KPI Examples | Lab turnaround time


The Lab Turnaround Time KPI measures the ability of your lab to process lab results. This is the base KPI for any lab and is a leading indicator for patient satisfaction. To calculate this KPI, you will create a breakdown for each type of test processed in your lab, since some tests take longer than others to complete. Your task for this KPI is determining what the acceptable norms are for each type of test, and using that as your base comparison for the turnaround metric.

Monitoring Healthcare KPIs on a Dashboard

Once you have established benchmarks and targets for Lab Turnaround Time, you’ll want to establish processes for monitoring this and other healthcare KPIs. Dashboards can be critical in this regard. Read more


Date test submitted - Date test results disclosed to physician (per test type)

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