Connecting and Analyzing Your Data

This webinar covers how data sources work, how to connect your data, and how to model your data, along with a preview of how to build Metric Klips and Klips.

Building and Sharing Dashboards

Learn how to build Klipfolio dashboards, how to use Metric Klips and build Klips, and how to share your data on a TV display or by public and private links.

Can't make a live webinar? Check out these recordings of past webinars

Intro to Klipfolio

The Intro to Klipfolio webinar will provide you with an introdution to connecting via our integrations or by data calls; building visualizations using our pre-built assets or our Klip editor; and sharing your dashboard through users, emails, or links.

Using the Help Centre

Klipfolio offers it's users another page full of support and community resources to help everyone along their data journey. In this video, Amanda walks us through the Help Centre and what it has to offer.

The Connector Gallery

Our connector gallery houses all the core connectors and pre-built service connectors we have with various platforms, making it easier for you to call in data and build visualizations. Exequiel takes you on a tour through our gallery and how to use it.

Build in Klipfolio

In this webinar, Exequiel walks you through the creation of 3 Klips that use multiple data sources (Google Analytics & Salesforce). He shows you how to use both filters and formulas, how to build a date picker using two user input controls (for start/end dates) and how to configure a dynamic gauge using the component and results reference.

Connecting to APIs

APIs (Application Programming Interface) have a rep of being difficult, and quite frankly, a bit scary. Not all APIs are equal, not all are easy to work with, but one thing is for sure: they're powerful.

There's no need to be afraid of APIs, though! This webinar walks you through connecting to your data with API calls.

Watch as Rahul shows the differences between our pre-built connectors and using our REST connector to integrate with a plethora of 3rd party web services.

401 Webinar

During this session we'll focus on connecting your data to Klipfolio. We’ll be looking at popular web services you can find in our Connector Gallery and digging deeper into our Rest/URL connector.

402 Webinar

Klipfolio 402 is a session focused on dynamic datasources. We’ll be looking at a specific examples and providing tips on how you can use dynamic datasources in your Klips.

403 Webinar

Klipfolio 403 is a session focused on Google Analytics.

By the end of this webinar, you'll be able to modify Gallery Klips and build your own Google Analytics Klips from scratch with help from the Query Explorer.

404 Webinar

Klipfolio 404 is a session on using JSON and XML datasources in Klipfolio.

After watching this video, you’ll be able to create basic Klips using JSON or XML data.

405 Webinar

Klipfolio 405 is a session that goes over advanced uses of JSON and XML data. This includes using Klipfolio XPath functions, and creating XPath with Klipfolio variables using the DATASOURCE function.

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