VuPulse is monitoring performance on-the-fly using real-time dashboards

About VuPulse

Founded in 2016, VuPulse is the first post-click optimization and segmentation platform specializing in creating intelligent ads and content—sending anyone that clicks on marketers’ digital advertising and marketing to their preferred viewing or purchase destination—in one click.

Jason Wolfson is VuPulse’s vivacious and tenacious SVP of Marketing. He is responsible for driving their marketing strategy, from branding to digital marketing campaigns, as well as partnering with the rest of his exec team to make sure their business, product, and sales strategies map back to raising consideration and revenue.

Powerful data in the hands of your clients

VuPulse needed a user-friendly, visual, and customizable dashboard that showcased the power of their technology to their clients. Klipfolio not only checked off those boxes for them but it was able to do it at a price that suits a small startup’s wallet.

Jason’s team is currently using a customer campaign dashboard powered by Klipfolio, so that their clients can easily monitor and optimize their campaigns in real-time. Using Klipfolio’s Client Management feature, VuPulse has been able to create a number of different client dashboards that can be maintained and monitored under one master account.

“We’re showing our clients how they are now sending their audience to exactly where they want to consume and buy content.”

Klipfolio is actualizing VuPulse’s impact for their clients in a visual and tangible manner. VuPulse’s data set is really unique, so being able to showcase via Klipfolio in an easy-to-digest format has helped their clients and prospects see the value they offer them.

Klipfolio has changed the game for VuPulse

Before Klipfolio, VuPulse tracked their own internal metrics ‘the startup way’ - through manual SQL pulls and then cleaning them up into PDFs. The times have changed for the better at VuPulse. Now they track their internal metrics using dashboards they built in Klipfolio. They no longer have to tediously extract information manually from their database and build out visualizations needed to make sense of that data on their own. Klipfolio takes care of that for them in real-time so they can know how the business is performing on-the-fly at a glance.

“The focus to date has been engaged, routed, routed %, and converted. We’re showing our clients how they are now sending their audience to exactly where they want to consume and buy content.”

Just another day at the VuPulse office

VuPulse is comprised of just six folks so they are very tight knit. They all come from extensive yet diverse backgrounds so they bring varying points of view and the team always embraces the different voices.

“Our small crew truly believes in our product and it shows in the work. Oh, and we like to have a little fun when the work occasionally calms down.”

This team sure knows how to celebrate a win, too. Their CEO has carefully handpicked a team that shares his love for food and wine.

“When we have a big win, we celebrate with a killer meal and some even better wine. Once those things happen, someone is bound do some dancing.”

VuPulse’s favorite thing about Klipfolio is without a doubt the ability to build custom views for their customers. All of their clients want to see their data differently and Klipfolio allows them build these nuanced views with relative ease. VuPulse’s clients are always pleasantly surprised with how quickly they have their dashboards up and running. This goes a long way in maintaining their clients’ happiness and satisfaction.

Closing advice for others who are thinking of taking a more data-driven approach

“At this point everyone knows the importance of data. The biggest piece of advice I would give is not to wait for your clients to ask for it. Be proactive and use Klipfolio to show them how impressive their data looks. It’ll empower them to do more and in turn keep that CLV high for you.”

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Originally published January 22, 2019, updated Jun, 26 2019

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