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Klipfolio gets reviewed!

Klipfolio gets reviewed!

The folks over at GetApp.com just published a review of Klipfolio Dashboard. In other words, stop reading this post and go check it out for yourself!

What is GetApp.com?

GetApp is a marketplace for businesses that are trying to sift through the vast ocean of SaaS applications to find an application that will work for them. I prefer the marketplace to simply "Googling" for an application for a few reasons.

Listings are consistent across the board

Each listing has the same type of information, presented in the same way. After you view a couple listings, it's easy to identify where the features are, where you can find screenshots, and if the product offers a free trial.

Cut through the marketing spin

Since the listings follow a defined formula, it's easy to cut through the marketing spin and understand if this application is going to be useful. The entire system encourages transparency, which means it's easy to find the information you are looking for, such as how much the application costs.

Compare products head-to-head

This feature allows you to create a table to see how different products compare across similar categories, such as user ratings, features, and pricing. To see what I mean, check out my comparison of 3 email marketing applications.


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