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Klipfolio Evaluation Guide

Ratings, Reviews, And Comparing Alternatives

What are you looking for in a dashboard tool? This guide is designed to help you as you navigate the various options for dashboard tools, including Klipfolio.

Evaluating and Comparing Klipfolio vs Dashboard Alternatives

Thanks for considering Klipfolio! We’ve put together this resource to help you evaluate Klipfolio and other dashboard alternatives.

There are a dizzying amount of dashboard tools out there with new tools popping up every day. Between choosing features, pricing, technology, integrations, and exploring free trials -- well, let’s just say it can be challenging to make a choice.

We’ve been in the dashboard space for more than 15 years, and we’ve learned a thing or two about dashboards. Whether you choose Klipfolio or a Klipfolio alternative, we want to make sure you make the best choice possible. Hopefully you find this information helpful.

Our elevator pitch

Why should you choose Klipfolio? Because you can get started in minutes without IT support to build something meaningful today. And, when you want to build something custom for your business, you’ll be able to do that too. Klipfolio is a surprisingly powerful tool.

There is a learning curve to Klipfolio. Which is why we work so closely with our customers to help them learn the tool. We host dozens of training courses each month, run a vibrant community, and offer free support to all our customers.

Klipfolio Reviews

Klipfolio is rated and reviewed on popular communities such as Capterra, G2Crowd, and GetApp.

Current Ratings on Capterra

Klipfolio is rated 4.7 stars* on Capterra. Check out the reviews here: Klipfolio on Capterra

Here’s a sample review that rates us 4 / 5

Pros: Allows for many inputs and it's quite simple to add them.

Cons: Could improve visualizations.

Overall: We have built out a significant number of dashboards, utilizing multiple input sources to really get a clear picture for our entire business. Klipfolio is a great tool for bringing data in from multiple sources and presenting it in a concise, consistent manner.

Current Ratings on GetApp

Klipfolio is rated 4.7 on GetApp*. Check out the reviews here: Klipfolio on GetApp

Here’s a sample review that rates us 4 / 5

Klipfolio is a great tool you can get up and running quickly that looks good, and will get your company caring more about their data (and meeting/setting goals). No one wants to be in the red, we wall want to do better this quarter than last, it's the how, and the lack of visibility that can often cause many to not even set goals at all. With all the alert flexibility, and ability to connect to all data sources, you will have no excuse but to increase your company’s profitability by making smarter decisions once you get your data on the big screen (both actually and metaphorically). I know this did it for us, and it's great the conversations had over the dashboards, numbers, and what we can do to improve in almost every aspect of the business.


You can get something nice (and useful) right out of the box to justify its existence, and build from there. You need the time commitment to build it, but it is easy to get up and running. If your data is clean and ready to go and you're used to writing formulas in excel, it's not a hard transition but does take the time to learn.


You must have the time to learn and commitment to your data. No one likes bad data and sometimes Klipfolio can mask it behind all of its automation. There is a learning curve on some of the complex, but also on some of the simple tasks too. This was a bit of a pain point for me but they make up for it with their fantastic support team.

Current Ratings on G2Crowd

Klipfolio is rated 4.6 on G2Crowd*. Check out the reviews here: Klipfolio on G2Crowd

Here’s a sample review that’s a bit more critical, and rates us a 3 / 5.

What do you like best?

We use Klipfolio a lot around the office, and it's been quite effective for us. The number of data source inputs that they connect to makes it a breeze to show data across multiple software that we utilize.

What do you dislike?

The visualizations are not the strongest. It's difficult to get buy-in from our more creative staff in the office who like to see 'prettier' charts and graphs. This is important to some people and so it's been a bit of a struggle from time to time.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Don't hesitate to give it a go, there is a strong community built around Klipfolio and you'll be able to get the support you need to make the most of it. Connecting Google Sheets or Excel Data is a breeze.

What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

As I mentioned it's been quite nice to have multiple data sources come in under one roof and to be able to visualize that data rather than leave it stuck in a spreadsheet.

*Ratings updated on March, 2020

Evaluating Klipfolio with a Free Trial

One of the benefits of cloud software is that you can take a free trial and play with the tool. Klipfolio offers a free 14 day trial that allows you to explore all of our features, even those only available on higher tier plans.

It’s a great way to learn the tool and see if you’ll get value from Klipfolio.

I love that the team doesn’t have to spend time downloading and manipulating CSV files anymore. Klipfolio’s continued commitment to releasing new integrations in addition to extensibility with custom data sources makes it the obvious choice for all of our dashboarding needs.

Klipfolio - Business Dashboard Software Customer Mike King
Mike King
Managing Director at iPullRank