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What are Product Qualified Leads?

With Wes Bush, CEO, Product Led

In this episode, we’re joined by Wes Bush, founder and CEO of ProductLed and bestselling author of Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself. Now who doesn’t want that? Today's metric: Product Qualified Leads or PQLs.

What makes product led companies versus maybe their counterpart, like let's say a more sales led company where the only way you can actually buy the product is you have to talk to someone.

So that sales led company, one of their metrics of success is from the very first touchpoint to going through the sales. Sequence. It moves from acquisition, we're getting you to our site to monetization very quickly. So as a company in a culture that really rewards, the success is equated to almost like closing the deal in a way.

Whereas in a product like company, the big tectonic shift I'll call it, is like, yeah, you still gotta acquire people, but the next thing you gotta do is actually engage them. If you don't actually engage them, if you don't actually give them a value, it's very hard.