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Call Volume

What is Call Volume?

Call Volume is the count of both incoming and outgoing calls handled. It can be used to measure the number of incoming calls to a Customer Support organization, outgoing calls from a Sales team, calls queued to an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) service, and dropped calls. Tracking this metric helps you determine required staffing levels and understand customer behaviour.

How to calculate Call Volume

ƒ Count(Handled Calls)

More about this metric

Call Volume can provide insight into work load and agent efficiency by understanding and comparing the number of calls handled per agent per unit of time. This insight can be enhanced by correlations with other metrics such as Closed Deals, Customer Tickets, and Average Call Duration and by analyzing data over periods of time, such as hour of day, to determine patterns of high and low Call Volume. The number of queued and dropped calls can be used as indicators of the quality of customer service.

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