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Your call center operates in a stressful environment where you need to manage thousands of calls each hour while maintaining a high standard of customer services. To do this effectively, you need to be dialled into the latest metrics and KPIs such as current service level, call volume and call resolution rates. Use these call center KPIs and metrics to track your performance through the busiest and most hectic days.

Call Center KPI Examples

Active and Waiting Calls.png

Active and Waiting Calls

Measures current volume compared to the number of callers waiting to be patched through to an agent.

Agent Schedule Adherence.png

Agent Schedule Adherence

Measure how effectively call centers agents are using their scheduled time.

After Call Work Time.png

After Call Work Time

Measure the total amount of time it takes to complete post-call work.

Agent Utilization.png

Agent Utilization

Measure the total amount of time that call agents are working on calls.

Average Handle Time.png

Average Handle Time

Measures the average amount of time spent on each call and includes related administrative duties such as submitting call reports.

Average Sales Per Agent.png

Average Sales per Agent

Measure the average amount of sales your call agents make.

Block Error Rate This Month.png

Block Error Rate

Measure the number of unintentional blocks on a digital circuit.



Measure the share of calls that were not serviced due to lack of agents or network failure.

Call Center Metrics Call Abandonment.png

Call Abandonment

Measure how many callers hang up or disconnect before they can be connected to one of your agents.

Call Arrival Rate.png

Call Arrival Rate

Measure the rate at which calls are coming in and being handled.

Call Center Status.png

Call Center Status Metrics

Provide insight into the performance of your call center by monitoring multiple key metrics.

Call Completion Rate.png

Call Completion Rate

Measure the total number of calls that are successfully connected.

Call Resolution.png

Call Resolution

Measure the outcome of each call handled by your agents.

Call Setup Success Rate.png

Call Setup Success Rate (CSSR)

Measure the total number of calls that make it successfully through to the dialed number.

Call Volume

Call Volume

Measure the total number of calls that were handled within a given time period.

Callback Messages.png

Callback Messaging

Measure the number of callers that leave a message giving information to call back.

Customer Calls Answered in The First Minute.png

Customer Calls Answered in the First Minute

Measure the rate at which calls are being answering within the first minute of being placed.

Cost Per Call

Cost per Call

Measure the amount it costs to handle a single call.

Call Center Kpi Cost Per Contact.png

Cost per Contact

Measures how much each contact costs your call center and is a key part of any cost-benefit analyses you may run.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Provides an assessment of your call center's performance from your customer's perspective.

Data Network Availability.png

Data Network Availability

Measure the amount of time your data network is available for access.

Dials Per Hour

Dial per Hour

Measure the average number of outgoing calls every hour.

Forecasted to Actual Contact Load.png

Forecasted Contact Load to Actual Contact Load

Measure the actual amount of contacts versus the expected number of contacts.

Calls Routed.png

Interactions Routed Properly

Measure the number of calls that are forwarded onto the right channel and agent.

Longest Call Hold.png

Longest Call Hold

Monitor the longest amount of time a caller was on hold for.

Longest Call Length.png

Longest Call Length

Monitor the duration of the longest call that has been handled.

Longest Delay in Queue.png

Longest Delay in Queue

Measure the longest time a caller was held in the queue before being connected to a call agent.

Average on Hold Time.png

On-Hold Time

Measure the average amount of time callers spend on hold.

Peak Hour Traffic.png

Peak Hour Traffic (PHT)

Monitor the time of day during which your company is receiving the most calls.

Repeat Calls.png

Repeat Calls

Measure the percentage of calls that addressed the same issue or subject.

Revenue Per Successful Call

Revenue per Successful Call

Measures the total amount of revenue gained with each successful call that is completed.

Sale Per Agent.png

Sales per Agent

Measure the total number of sales that come from individual call agents.

Call Center Metrics Service Level.png

Service Level

Measure your ability to deliver on commitments made in your service level agreements (SLAs).

Subscriber Acquisition Cost.png

Telecom Subscriber Acquisition Cost

Measure the average cost of acquiring a new subscriber.

Talk Time.png

Talk Time

Monitor the average amount of time an agent spends on a call with a customer.

Time Lost Due to Tech.png

Time Lost Due to Technology Issues

Measure the length of time that was lost due to technology failure.

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