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Goal Completion Rate

What is Goal Completion Rate?

Goal Completion Rate is the count of the number of visitors who have completed all components of a goal, divided by the total number of visitors. A goal is considered complete only when a lead or customer completes all actions associated with the goal.

How to calculate Goal Completion Rate

ƒ Count(Visitors Who Have Completed a Goal) / Count(Total Visitors)


An example of a goal is signing up for a trial. If 500 people visit your website and 100 people sign up for a trial, the Goal Completion Rate is 20%.

More about this metric

Goal Completion Rate is an important metric to track because it gives an idea of the number of visitors who convert. It is usually tracked with digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, but can also be tracked based on features such as customer ratings.

A high Goal Completion Rate can indicate that the website or other content is successful in engaging customers to the point of conversion. Lower Goal Completion Rate can be improved by increasing budget and focus on the goal that under-performs in comparison to other goals.

The difference between Goal Completion Rate and Goal Conversion Rate is that Goal Completion Rate indicates that the number of customers who have completed all the steps that make up a specific goal whereas Goal Conversion Rate is the count of goals that have been achieved. It can be said that Goal Completion is a subset of Goal Conversion.

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