True Trials (TT)

What are True Trials?

A True Trial is defined as a user who starts a trial and comes back a second time within the first 7 days. The True Trials metric is meaningful for any software company that offers prospects a trial before they choose to buy.

Prospects who sign in twice within the first 7 day period are more likely to become paying customers. Tracking True Trials enables you to assess lead quality, product engagement, and probability of a win much earlier than only looking at Win Rate.

Alternate names: True New Accounts, Activated Users

How to calculate True Trials

ƒ Count(Trial Users that have signed in twice within the first 7 days)

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Date created: Feb 13, 2019

Latest update: Apr 17, 2019

Contributor:  Tomek Ogrodzinski

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True Trials is a measure of early engagement (are the first moments in your app compelling) and lead quality (do the trials know what they're getting into or did they just respond to click bait).

Depending on the company, a large proportion of trials may never come back after the first day. The ones that do on the other hand are much more likely to stay longer and give your product an honest shot. As a result they convert at a much higher rate and are a more accurate reflection of conversion potential in your funnel than just the number of trial starts.

If expressing this as a percentage of all trial starts, a range between 12% and 27% is normal.

This metric is related to concepts such as "activated user".

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