Leads Generated by Agents Metric

Measure the number of leads generated by agent efforts.

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A sales lead refers to an individual that you have some information on that may be interested in your product.

Reporting frequency


Example of KPI target

40 leads


Sales team


Leads as a result of sales agent activity

Building a Sales Team Leaderboard

A bit of friendly competition goes a long way. A while ago, our Sales Team wanted to ignite their competitive side and developed a dashboard that would help them track their progress and performance... Thus the Sales Leaderboard was born. Now, we want to share it with you. Watch this short tutorial to learn how to build your own leaderboard for your team!

What are the key reasons to build a sales leaderboard?

  • Track individual sales performance in real-time
  • Track team sales performance in real-time
  • Directly compare performance across multiple sales metrics or KPIs, such as Lead Conversion Rate
  • Use friendly competition to fuel motivation in the sales team
  • Create a transparent, data-driven work environment
  • Make quick decisions based on the data instead of waiting for end of quarter reports

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