15 reasons why you should join our team at Klipfolio

Ali Pourshahid
Ali Pourshahid

Published November 21, 2017, updated Jan, 19 2022

1) Work with extremely smart, equally nice, and collaborative people, as well as a group of down-to-earth leaders who get stuff done.

Work with extremely smart developer team

2) Be part of one of the fastest growing Canadian companies.

Fastest growing Canadian company by Deloitte

3) Work on a product recognized by analysts and customers as a leader in it's category.

4) Quickly see your impact on the product with our daily releases and be recognized for it by your peers and the leadership team through programs like “thanks awards”.

5) Work on challenging and interesting problems, and strive to do the right thing, the right way and continuous improvement using our always evolving manifesto.

Evolving Manifesto striving to do continuous improvement

6) Use the latest modern and exciting technologies like AWS services, React and Redux, Akka, Spring Boot, GraphQL, and Elasticsearch.

7) Innovate every day and have the freedom to contribute your ideas as part of our internal hackathons.

Contributing ideas as part of internal hackathons

8) Learn, teach, and mentor by attending our lightning talks and joining our guilds.

Attend Lightning talks and Join Guilds

9) Work closely with your manager to grow your personal brand and skills. Being a small company, there are lots of opportunities to grow and work on different projects.

10) Give back to the community by participating in and organizing events like Meetups and Hackathons, as well as supporting charities in our community.

Participate and Organize Meetups and Hackathons and Support charities

11) Location, location, location! Our office is in the heart of downtown Ottawa, where all the action happens, and is close to transit in a brand new office!

New office is in the heart of downtown Ottawa

Here's a picture of our brand new office. We've got empty desks waiting to be filled!

12) Enjoy perks like a fitness bonus, training benefits, sitting/standing desks, free snacks, delicious coffee, espresso, Christmas - New Years shutdown and so much more!

13) We have flexible hours, option to work from home as needed, and encourage work-life balance.

We encourage Work-life balances

14) Build lasting friendships by participating in various social committee, team, and corporate events, such as board game nights, wine and cheese, axe throwing (yup, you read that correctly) and more!

Build lasting friendships by participating in various social committe and corporate events

15) Bring your dog to the office :)

Bring your dog to the office Bring your dog to the office Bring your dog to the office

Convinced? Apply here.

Still not sure?? Check out our employee reviews and blog posts, or reach out to me and let’s chat!

Ali Pourshahid


Meet our Dog Bentley

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