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Case Study - Aviva

Case Study - Aviva

Real-time data visibility is central to Aviva's IT Service Center's ability to meet its high standard for service. But visibility doesn't just mean being able to see data, it also means being able to extract, interact, and act on KPIs. That's what Daniel Steel means when he says "it's all about data visibility."

Aviva is an international insurance company that currently trades in 28 countries with over 53 million customers worldwide. Aviva is the 6th largest insurance company in the world and the largest insurance company in the UK. That all goes to say that Aviva's IT service desk is a veritable beehive of activity. The service desk handles more than 4,500 contacts each day and is committed to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 15 seconds. Knowing what the problems are as they happen ensures that Aviva's IT service desk can maintain its impeccable level of service. "Deploying Klipfolio Dashboard is all about making better, more informed decisions," Daniel Steel says.

Keeping pace with your KPIs

Prior to adopting Klipfolio Dashboard, Aviva's IT service desk relied on a basic dashboard that was designed to be displayed on a plasma screen. While it looked good on the floor, that was pretty much it. Aviva needed a KPI dashboard that could keep up with the service center's pace and keep them up-to-speed on the latest KPIs. "We need to quickly identify what the most common issues are, and stop them from occurring as they come in," Daniel Steel says.

Being knowledgeable about KPIs and working with the most current set of data is intimately connected to a business's success. Aviva knows this: "Before deploying Klipfolio Dashboard, we had analysts spend 20 minutes every hour aggregating stats into reports, then delivering those reports to senior managers," Daniel Steel says. "We knew that there had to be a solution that could provide the same level of information in a more efficient way."

From your desktop to the palm of your hand

Enter Klipfolio Dashboard. The plasma screen only served to whet Aviva's appetite for a powerful KPI dashboard. Chief among Aviva's requirements was the ability to access KPIs. "I always thought, if I could see KPIs on a plasma screen, then why not on my desktop? How about on my mobile device?" says Daniel Steel.

Data visibility is about providing line-of-sight to your KPIs wherever you are – from your desktop to the palm of your hand. KPIs are only valuable when they are current, so don't get caught making today's decisions based on yesterday's old news.

Don't just see – Act!

What about those analysts spending 20 minutes of each hour compiling reports? "We are using their expertise on other projects," Daniel Steel chuckles as Klipfolio CEO Allan Wille jests that they might be out of a job. "With Klipfolio Dashboard, we can generate comprehensive reports automatically."

The real strength of a KPI dashboard is the ability to use current data to reflect and reinforce organizational objectives. "Using Klipfolio Dashboard, we can calculate how many contacts we have to make before I can meet this month's SLA," Daniel Steel says. "Our agents now know, in a very real way, that if we can make the next 500 calls in service level in the next 18 days, we will hit our target." Now that's putting your KPIs to work!

It's good to know when things are bad

"Today, I am working in a completely different technological environment. It seems like I am always travelling from one of our offices," says Daniel Steel. "The one constant is my ability to log in and see my KPIs wherever I am." Klipfolio Dashboard's web and mobile product is the next step in the evolution of the KPI dashboard. Just because you are spending more time away from the office, doesn't mean you don't have work to do. With a cloud dashboard, you don't have to rush back to the office to look at the latest data before making a big decision.

As the facts change on the ground, you can't afford to miss out on key events that need your attention. "As a senior manager, I only want to be notified when things are going bad," Dainel Steel laughs. "In those circumstances, I need data visibility wherever I am." Progress and performance is all about actionable information that is displayed in a meaningful way on any device.

Stand out in the crowd!

Klipfolio Dashboard is all about informing your decisions with real-time data. It can also make you a standout in your organization. "Other departments just can't get their head around how we are able to achieve this level of service and information visibility, while reducing the time spent aggregating data," Daniel Steel remarks. "It has become something that we are really proud of and like to show off. People are blown away by what this product can do, and it makes us look very slick internally."


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