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How do the GOP candidates rate with the citizens of the US?

klipfolio - GOP candidates rate with US citizens

I've always loved watching debates for any party, even for a political system of which I am not a part - I'm a Canadian although married to an American ;-).

So much is riding on the candidates. Great candidates can be felled by a simple slip of the tongue. Mediocre candidates can come out on top, not for what they say, but for what they don't say.

With the GOP debate tonight, and fresh on the heels of our recent Talkwalker (Social Media Analytics tool) integration, my team and I wondered if we could build a dashboard to track the social sentiment of all the candidates for the month leading up to the debate. And then we thought while we’re at it, why not build another to track sentiment in real-time as the debate unfolds. The answer was yes to both, and this is the result.


Build this dashboard yourself in three minutes or less!

It’s simple. If you are not already a Klipfolio customer, start a FREE trial and then follow these instructions:

  • Click on Add a Klip.
  • Select Klip Gallery if it isn’t highlighted already.
  • Scroll down the list of services until you find Talkwalker.
klipfolio - klip gallery
  • Click on Talkwalker, select the Sentiment over time Klip and then click on Add to Dashboard.
klipfolio - talkwalker sentiment over time
  • Enter the name of the politician (or celebrity or brand...) for whom you want to track social sentiment for example, “The Donald” and then click on Add Klip.
klipfolio - talkwalker data source

And voila, you have added a visualization to your dashboard similar to the Donald Trump Klip I shared earlier in this post. The data in this Gallery Klip is set to update every four hours, but you can build one that updates every minute.

Have fun!



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