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Honoured and humbled by not-for-profit customers

Honoured and humbled by not-for-profit customers

When you think of real-time data, you likely think of things like financial numbers, web analytics, or sales opportunities. Over the past year, we've had an influx of not-for-profit customers that are changing the way we think about real-time data. As these not-for-profit organizations battle issues like world hunger, poverty, and inequality, they rely on real-time data to track their efforts and make a difference in their communities. We're honoured and humbled that these organizations have chosen to team up with Klipfolio.

Here's some of the great organizations that have chosen Klipfolio:

Are you a not for profit / non profit organization?

We do offer a special discount for not for profit and non profit organizations. If you're interested and want to find out if you qualify, please contact us directly.


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