Tips on building in Klipfolio from the experts

Not every question requires a long-winded answer.

Some questions have simple answers (even if you don't think they will). This page houses the tips we have to help you truly perfect your data visualizations, without needing to dive too deep into anything!

Be it simply copying a Klip or referencing data on different Klips across a dashboard, we have simple, step-by-step instructions that you can follow - helping you kick your question in minutes (or even seconds).

Tips from Klipfolio Experts

Refresh dates

Show the last time a datasource has been refreshed on a Klip

Text search

Add in text search to your Klip to find elements more quickly

Printing annotations

Learn how to include Klip annotations when you print your reports

Cycle rate

How to change the dashboard cycle time of a dashboard

Custom CSS theme

Applying a custom CSS theme to a Klipfolio account

Google Analytics Query Explorer

How to use Google Analytics Query Explorer to form API queries

Period picker with date/time filter

Building a period picker with a date/time filter in a Klip

Date format

Altering the date format in the Klip editor

REPLACE & CONTAINS in formulas

Avoid using REPLACE and/or CONTAINS multiple times

Copying a Klip

Changing the name of a copied Klip

Section line and headers

How to add a section line and header to a dashboard

Dark mode hack

How to use custom bright colours in dark mode

E-mail snapshots

How to set up a recurring e-mail snapshot

Import dashboards- Partners

How to import dashboards from Master account to Client account

Managing published links

How to manage published links to your dashboards

Dynamic references

How to make alterations in Google Sheets without breaking Klips

Token management

The best practices for managing multiple tokens

Formula bar

Make the Formula Bar bigger (multi-line visibility)


How to upload an image

Cumulative totals

How to calculate a cumulative total in the editor

Alternating between series

How to alternate between what a series shows on a chart

New date filtering

Working with the date drop down/period selector

Drill down tables

Learn the basics and advanced functionalities of drill down tables

Seperators between table rows

Adding in custom separator rows in a table

Text formatting

Better formatting options for text

Hide table conditionally

How to make a table only shown based on certain conditions being met

Row numbers

Adding row numbers to tables

Dynamic series for a bar/line chart

Dynamic series that change based on the data content

Using multiple values for a variable

Reference array of values in any Klip on a dashboard

Custom maps

Working with custom maps (including Brazil)