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How do published links work?

All Klipfolio customers have the ability to share dashboards with links that are public and available via search. Public dashboards are a great way for any organization to increase data transparency and tell their data story to the world. Our customers are using public dashboards to promote education, raise awareness for issues like world hunger, and capture the intensity of a national election.

Client Public Dashboard Showcase

Boston Public Schools

As the birthplace of public education in the United States, Boston Public Schools is committed to transforming the lives of all children through exemplary teaching in a world-class system of innovative, welcoming schools. From an IT perspective, a top priority for CIO Mark Racine is network performance and data transparency.

“I’ve seen the impact of these dashboards on a number of fronts; they are changing staff behaviour, helping us get in front of network challenges from an external communications perspective, and enhancing internal communication across departments.”
Marc Racine, Chief Information Officer, Boston Public Schools

Network Status Dashboard

We use this dashboard to monitor network performance across schools, and to get ahead of communications when the network is down. When we see indicators going red we can jump in to investigate and resolve issues, and our support staff can prepare to respond quickly and effectively to questions and concerns from parents, staff and other stakeholders.

Schools Dashboard

This dashboard makes it easy to view all the IT information we have on a school at a glance. We use it to help prepare for school visits, and to make decisions about particular IT systems, facilities and programs. Recently we used it to help answer the question: is “school X” ready to move to online PARCC this year?

The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. Our vision is a world where every woman, man and child leads a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.

Maternal Health Dashboard

The Hunger Project, in partnership with Klipfolio and iFormBuilder, announced the public launch of The Hunger Project’s Maternal Health Dashboard—a visual collection of maternal health trends and the latest data from the organization’s work in the field. The dashboard is intended to increase public awareness of issues related to maternal health in a visually digestible way, and demonstrates a commitment to making data public and readily accessible.

Klipfolio: “Big Game Dashboard”

Who said business dashboards have to be all business? We get inspired by all sorts of data, and love telling data stories. We decided to build a 'Big Game' dashboard to cover all the sometimes surprising factoids surrounding the 'Big Game.' We thought this was a fun dashboard: what do you think?

Big Game Dashboard

The Super Bowl is about more than just football. It’s a cultural moment that encompasses everything from the singing of the national anthem, star players' social media activity, to the half-time show, advertising, and gameday odds.

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