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Email Click Rate

What is Email Click Rate?

Email Click Rate is the number of unique recipients who clicked on any link in your email, represented as a percentage of successfully delivered emails.

Alternate names: Click Through Rate, Email CTR

How to calculate Email Click Rate

ƒ Count(Email Clicks) / Count(Emails Delivered)

What is a good Email Click Rate benchmark?

According to Campaign Monitor, the average Click Through Rate (CTR) is 2.7%


An email campaign is successfully delivered to 50,000 unique recipients. 3,000 unique recipients clicked on a link or an image in your email. Email Click Rate = 3,000 unique recipients who clicked / 50,000 unique recipients = 6% CTR

More about this metric

Email Click Rate effectively measures the immediate response rate of an email and is often cited as the success (or lack of success) of a specific email campaign.

Although the official formula is to measure the ratio of clicks to delivered emails, remember that, to be able to click on a link, recipients need to open the email in the first place. An alternate measurement, that fine tunes how good your Call to Actions (CTAs) are, would be to look at clicks to opens.

As with all marketing material, the rate at which your audience engages, or clicks through, depends on the quality of your target audience and the quality of your content.

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