The Story of

From Founding To Series B

Once upon a time, there was a software startup called Klipfolio.

They're Canadian, eh.

It saw that every business had the same question…

Answering that question wouldn’t be easy. But it should be, right? The trouble is you often need expertise and expensive tools to get at the data, not to mention someone to run the whole operation. Yikes!

So they asked themselves three questions…

What if there was a way to easily pull all this data into one place, regardless if it was in the Cloud or on-premise?

What if there was a way to automate data updates so the data is always current?

What if there was a way to make it affordable enough for every business?


In September 2011, Klipfolio made those “what ifs” a reality.

Klipfolio integrates with 100s of Cloud and on-premise sources.

It automatically updates your data as frequently as a minute or less through the API.

It’s affordable enough for any business. Sign up with a free trial, purchase it with a credit card, and skip the need to involve legal or procurement.


2014 was a big year

People loved it! They started spreading the love, and we grew.

In January 2014, Klipfolio took a seed round of $1.7M to invest in the platform.

We added 22 Klipfolians, doubled our customer base, and hired our Chief Cuddling Officer.


2015 saw some big developments

We launched the Klip Gallery, pre-built metrics to help businesses quickly build dashboards.

We held Dashboard Palooza, where we served cake and dashboards to local businesses.

We doubled our office space, and welcomed another 20 Klipfolians to the team.

Klipfolio receives $6.2M in Series A funding


2016 was a huge year

We launched the Type-In Formula Bar to make building custom dashboards more intuitive.

We launched the Dashboard Gallery, pre-built dashboards to delight our customers.

We have over 7,000 happy customers.

That’s just the start. We’ve reached a new milestone:

Klipfolio receives $12M in Series B funding

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Klipfolio - Business Dashboard Software Customer Jonathan Lacoste

"Klipfolio keeps our entire team on the same page. Our key metrics are always at our fingertips, which helps our team make smarter, data-driven decisions."
- LP Maurice, CEO and Co-founder at Busbud