To make a long story short…

Klipfolio is a good alternative to Tableau if: You and your team want to continuously monitor data as it comes in from your various services.

Tableau is a good alternative to Klipfolio if: You’re a data analyst at a large entreprise with a huge, static dataset that you want to analyze.

We’re not shy to admit it - there are certain use cases where Tableau would actually be a better fit for some companies! But for where Tableau doesn’t have a solution, Klipfolio has your back.

Tableau is an incredibly powerful tool that provides a platform where it’s users can do a deep analysis into their static data. Klipfolio, on the other hand, provides a flexible, continuous update on how your business is doing - from multiple angles. Even better? It enables self-service reporting, meaning the people in your company can find their reports and leave you to focus on your more interesting and important tasks.

The power of using the two tools in tandem to complement each other? Insane.

How can Klipfolio boost your reporting power with Tableau?

The most common Tableau use case is the extracting of data from a database connector, building a “Sheet”, then conducting a deep analysis on the static data that has been exported.

Tableau excels in this area in particular. The platform also offers a selection of beautiful visualization options, allowing for storytelling through data.

So… Where does Klipfolio come in?

While Tableau puts its emphasis on static reports, Klipfolio is all about real-time data. With 100s of integrations with applications that businesses use every week, day, hour, and minute, Klipfolio dashboards update users with how their KPIs are performing and if they are hitting targets.

Real-time Reporting Dashboards

No matter your department, industry, or role, if you want to be successful, data should be informing all - if not most - of your decisions. Tableau's deep analysis can help you make some of the big ones, but when it comes to your everyday, week, or month you need data that is up to date. These are just a few of the dashboards our team uses on a daily or weekly basis to help them reach their goals and monitor their performance.

Real-time Reporting Dashboards Examples

Google Analytics Daily Overview Dashboard

Websites are the epicentre of the majority of businesses in today’s digitally charged world. If you don’t have accurate, up-to-date visibility into your website stats, you end up flying blind and making decisions that could hurt your business performance.

  • Monitor the total number of website visitors, total pageviews, and bounce rates
  • Track the conversion rates on your most important goals and examine the effectiveness of your content at bringing in leads through the funnel
  • Analyze where all your viewers are coming from - Are users coming to your site more from organic or paid search? Referral links or your social media? Which geographical location is responsible for what percentage of traffic?
Google Analytics Website Daily Overview Dashboard

Want to gain visibility into your web performance?

Social Media - Overview

How are you performing on your social media channels right now? This social media dashboard tracks metrics from 5 platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

  • Track the interest in your video content with the number of subscribers vs unsubscribers to your YouTube channel
  • Monitor engagement statistics on your LinkedIn profile and identify trends over a period of time
  • Gain a view into your Facebook page impressions and number of engaged users is garners
Social Media Analytics Overview Dashboard

Want to gain visibility into your social media performance?

Monthly Sales Dashboard

Sales teams are all about hitting their targets. Easily track and compare monthly sales and spot trends fast. Friendly competition and real-time monitoring? Why not try a sales leaderboard. Display individual performance side by side, making it easy to see which teammates are ahead and on top of their selling game or behind their quotas.

  • Track your sales against daily and monthly targets to reach your goals
  • Compare opportunities, leads, conversions and everything in between
  • Empower your team to get results and achieve their set goals
Dashboard Monthly Sales

Want to see it up close?

What makes Klipfolio different from Tableau?

Both tools offer a platform on which users can visualize and analyze their data from multiple services. Explore where the two platforms differ to find the right alternative reporting software for you and your team.

Connector Library


Klipfolio supports over 140 data connectors, giving you the ability to report on any and all of your favourite applications.

Don’t see the integration you were looking for? Our flexible API calls enable you to connect with virtually anything.


Tableau has an extensive list of database connectors, as well as some limited flexibility in web connectors.

If you’re a Windows user, you can pull in data from 78 pre-connected applications - 62 if you’re not a Windows user.

The Editor Interface


Klip Editor interface - Gauge component with a table

Klip Editor

Klipfolio PowerMetrics editor interface - Stacked bar chart

Power Metrics Editor


Tableau editor interface

Ideal Type of Analysis


Monitoring and Exploratory.

You can see data trends, where your data is heading, when there are wins and loses in performance. Pull together related metrics to see how various aspects interact with each other and get down to the minute insights.



You can visualize your static data and see where something went wrong, and analyze the causes using relational data. Since most of its importing and database connectors work through data extraction, any change in data requires the user to re-upload the dataset into the Sheet.

Agency Capabilities


Klipfolio’s Partner program is designed to help you help your customers. Gain access to key data insights and exclusive partner resources.

What makes our Partner Program a true game changer?

  • Client Management: Set up custom billing, resource and user allotment, and account status for your clients. No more fumbling around with those countless demands, price ranges, and capabilities.
  • White Labelling: Deliver fully customized reports. Apply branding to the product and deliver a unique and automated experience to your agency’s client base.
  • That's not all! Check out our Partners page to learn more.


While you can add users and deploy dashboard reports to others via Tableau’s server, there are no obvious features set up for agencies and client management.

Tableau does not offer the ability to white label their dashboards - Though you can add in your (or your clients’ logos) and apply your branding colours to the visualizations.

Sharing Insights


What's the point of data if no one can see it? Klipfolio makes sharing your reports easy.

Klipfolio offers many ways to share, providing the flexibility to share internally, externally, in real time, or periodically.

  • User and group sharing. Enable viewing or editing access to dashboards, Klips, data sources, metrics, and Metric Boards with individuals and groups in your organization.
  • Published links. Share internally or externally via a link to your dashboard. Make your dashboard publicly available, searchable, and indexable by search engines, or restrict access to those with a link and, optionally, a password.
  • Automated email snapshots. Set up scheduled emails to share snapshots of individual Klips or entire dashboards. Decide who receives the snapshot, at what time, and how often.
  • PDF reports. Klips and dashboards can be downloaded as images or as PDFs (great for presentations and printed reports) and shared as email attachments
  • Display your dashboards on office wallboards. Keep everyone up to date by displaying one dashboard or setting up multiple dashboards to display on TV monitors in rotation.
  • Share with Slack. Once enabled in your account settings, sharing individual Klips or dashboards with users or channels in Slack is fast and easy.
  • Embed Klips and dashboards on your website or private intranet. You can seamlessly embed individual Klips or entire dashboards into your website or host application.


To share with Tableau, you have to pay for more users.

Or you have to download and manually send off your reports. That being said, you can embed views onto your webpage.

For people who do not have Tableau Desktop, there are a number of ways in which to share:

  • Publish the workbook to Tableau Server. After publishing your workbook to Tableau Server, others with a Tableau Server account can sign in to see your workbook.
  • Email the workbook and open it in Tableau Reader. Email a workbook and its data source to others saved as a .twbx, and they can open and see its contents using Tableau Reader.
  • Save the workbook to Tableau Public. After publishing a workbook to Tableau Public, anyone with a link to the workbook can see its contents. Workbooks and the underlying data saved to Tableau Public are accessible to the public.
  • Publish the workbook to Tableau Online. Only authorized users can interact with data and dashboards.

*Note: Many of these options require a Tableau Product download, trial, or account.

For more information - see this article.



For Businesses:

  • Starter - $29/month
  • Publish - $49/month
  • Grow - Starting from $99/month

For Enterprises:

  • First year - $12K
  • Unlimited users, dashboards, metrics, paired with premium support and data refresh rates


On premises or public cloud:

  • Creator - $70/user/month
  • Explorer - $35/user(5 minimum)/month
  • Viewer - $12/user(100 minimum)/month

Hosted by Tableau:

  • Creator - $70/user/month
  • Explorer - $42/user(5 minimum)/month
  • Viewer - $15/user(100 minimum)/month

In the age of Netflix, pay-per-view is out of style… dashboards should follow suit!

With Klipfolio’s plans, you don’t have to pay to show your team your dashboards. That means unlimited users to view and explore data.

Whether you want to download your reports as a PDF, send off your metrics via email snapshots, publish a link to your live dashboard - you can do it all for no extra cost. After all, data is meant to be seen, right?

This information was last updated on March 26, 2019

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"Klipfolio is an extraordinary tool, not only to bring hidden client information into the spotlight, but also to give us the power to make immediate data-driven decisions where action is necessary."


Rodrigo Rojas

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"Our leadership team is making smarter decisions and were on target to grow by 40 - 50% this year thanks to our insights from Klipfolio."


Brain Dainis

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"All of my colleagues appreciate being kept in the loop and I sometimes see managers pull their own Klipfolio reports up on the TV screens to discuss individual team KPIs."


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