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Welcome to Metrics as a Service

Klipfolio's MaaS platform is the fastest way to go from data to business insights. Simply find a metric you're interested in tracking and connect your data.

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2 Clicks to data insights

In 2 clicks you can have visibility into your trends, filter or segment your data, zoom in on a particular time period or compare one time period against the previous one. The result is data insights at your fingertips, and that's just the beginning.

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A building block approach

Metric Klips are building blocks that make it profoundly simple to manipulate your data and put different views together. You can comnine multiple views from a single Metric Klip or mix various Metric Klips together on a single Klipboard to create a dashboard or report to keep track of important activities in your business.

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Drive decisions, Change the game

MaaS turn business intelligence on it's head. Klipfolio's MaaS solution is the only approach that enables you to start with the business concept of metrics first, so you can easily track and measure the things that matter most to you. All the "traditional" BI heavy lifting like data modelling has been done for you. Use it for answering questions on the fly or as a performance system of record.

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Get support every step of the way

We get that data analytics can sometimes feel complicated. Which is why we offer free training resources through our online support team, online training, and certification programs. Still having trouble? Consider adding Ninja Services to your plan.

Our team of pro data builders will provide you with the one-on-one assistance you need to ensure you are headed down the right path.

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What's a Metric Klip?

A Metric Klip is a plug-and-play analytical object that enables the world's first Metrics as a Service platform.

A Metric Klip contains all the information you want to bring together about a particular metric or KPI. Each Metric Klip you create in Klipfolio will keep track of the historical values of the metrics that are important to you. Data history can be stored and retrieved even if the underlying data service doesn’t provide historical values (such as many social media feeds).

Metric Klips use built-in best-practices that make it easy to assemble content and distribute it across any medium or device. A Metric Klip becomes more powerful when you set it up with multiple dimensions that can add new perspectives for the metric of interest. For example, you can set up a Revenue Metric Klip to include Regions, Product Lines, Sales Reps, Channel, or any other dimension that could be used to break down the results so you can make better-informed decisions.

There are many ways to interact with Metric Klips to answer questions dynamically with the Explore capabilities, or configure views of your Metric Klips and add them to Klipboards - supercharged dashboards - so you can share and distribute them across different channels and devices. Date ranges and time comparisons are generated automatically as well as visualizations that can contain trend lines or other comparisons with a single click. Soon, you’ll be able to add targets to your Metric Klips or set alerts and start discussion threads.

"We no longer spend time at the executive level pulling data from multiple sources for a report that's stale after 1 day. Our executives are all logging into Klipfolio and tracking real-time metrics of the company to drive business decisions."

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