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How likely are your customers to recommend your brand or product to a friend or colleague? The answer to this question is measured using a metric called Net Promoter Score, and it's an essential measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It should come as no surprise that leading brands invest heavily in measuring and improving their NPS through regular customer surveys.

The challenge for many businesses is a) getting customers to respond to surveys (which often have multiple questions), and b) measuring those results on a recurring basis. Thankfully, AskNicely solves both of these problems. What is AskNicely? It's an app that allows businesses to automatically and continuously report on NPS. AskNicely does this by allowing you to send simple emails that ask your customers one question that they can answer with a single click.

The email survey is inviting and easy for customers to use. Check out this example we created with AskNicely

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Creating a customer satisfaction dashboard with AskNicely

AskNicely makes collecting data for NPS really simple. With the Klipfolio-AskNicely integration, you can continuously measure, monitor, and improve NPS. Here's an example of a customer satisfaction dashboard you can create to monitor NPS.

AskNiceky Metrics | AskNicely Dashboard Example

4 AskNicely metrics to add to your customer satisfaction dashboard

One of the benefits of the AskNicely-Klipfolio integration is that it allows you to track and compare NPS data with metrics like customer referral rate, churn, and expansions. The possibilities for combining AskNicely data with metrics from services like Salesforce and Marketo are endless. However, one of the benefits of the AskNicely integration is that you can get started quickly using pre-built Klips. Check out these 4 AskNicely metrics you can add to your dashboard today.

Here’s a demo video on how to connect Klipfolio to AskNicely:


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Originally published April 6, 2016, updated Jun, 18 2019

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