Klipfolio Dashboard API

Klipfolio brings your business data to life helping you and your organization understand and track KPIs, metrics and other essential information. The Klipfolio API provides the same functionality as the web app UI for managing assets (clients, dashboards, Klips, data sources).

API Overview

The API follows RESTful practices and uses JSON as the primary way to communicate structured data. With it you can manipulate the following:

  • Clients
  • Client’s Share Rights
  • Data Sources
  • Data Source’s Data
  • Data Source Operations
  • Data Source’s Properties
  • Data Source’s Share Rights
  • Data Source Instances
  • Data Source Instance’s Properties
  • Groups
  • Klips
  • Klip’s Schema
  • Klip’s Share Rights
  • Roles
  • Tabs
  • Tab’s Klip Instances
  • Tab’s Layout
  • Tab’s Share Rights
  • Users
  • User’s Groups
  • User Operations
  • User’s Properties
  • User’s Roles
  • User’s Tab Instances