API Overview

The API follows RESTful practices and uses JSON as the primary way to communicate structured data. With it you can manipulate the following:

  • Clients
  • Client’s Share Rights
  • Data Sources
  • Data Source’s Data
  • Data Source Operations
  • Data Source’s Properties
  • Data Source’s Share Rights
  • Data Source Instances
  • Data Source Instance’s Properties
  • Groups
  • Klips
  • Klip’s Schema
  • Klip’s Share Rights
  • Roles
  • Tabs
  • Tab’s Klip Instances
  • Tab’s Layout
  • Tab’s Share Rights
  • Users
  • User’s Groups
  • User Operations
  • User’s Properties
  • User’s Roles
  • User’s Tab Instances

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"The biggest things for us are the endless REST API connections and the white label functionality. Honorable mention goes to the amazing support team who are super responsive and knowledgeable!"

Alastair Barlow, Co-Founder, Flinder