Transform, prep, merge, and model your data

Change formats, unpivot tables, flatten JSON files, or use our rich formula system for spreadsheet-level control of your data prep.

Transform, prep, merge, and model your data
Query Builder

Query Builder

Query Builder is a powerful visual interface for data selection that makes data prep easy.

  • Easily select the standard and custom fields you need.
  • Filter your query by date range or text and numeric columns.
  • Automatically handle pagination and flatten JSON or XML structured data into tabular data.
Data Modeling

Data Modeling

Create a modeled data source once and reuse it across your metrics. 

  • A model/data feed is a reusable set of data cleaning and transformation operations.
  • Define it once and the model is automatically applied every time new data comes into your system.
  • Setup a refresh cadence so the system automatically brings in new data for you without intervention.
  • Create multiple metrics using a single model/data feed.
  • Data modeling ensures you are always working with trusted, reusable and clean data to create powerful metrics with ease.
Data Preparation

Data Preparation

Take messy, real-world data and transform it into rich, clean data that you can reuse as you build metrics.

  • Clean spreadsheets, join data sources, flatten XML or JSON files.
  • Format text or remove null values.
  • Set up rules (unpivot, join, flatten) and they will be applied automatically each time new data is retrieved.

Ways you can
model your data

PowerMetrics provides a rich set of data modeling features that make it easy to restructure your data into a consumable format.

Unpivot Icon


Put your data into a metric-consumable format (e.g., collapse multiple date columns into a single date column and a second column of labels).

Merge Icon


Bring data from different data services together into a single model (e.g., join).

Formulas Icon


A powerful way to group, map, and transform your data, add lookups or text manipulation, and apply formatting to new columns in your model for metric creation.

Formatting Icon


Control the precision of numerical values, change numbers to percentages, or change the date display format.

Turn your data
into insights

Data Storage and History

Improve collaboration and accessibility when you store all of your data in one place.

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