Powerful data visualizations

Data visualizations show you and your team the insights you need to make decisions with confidence.

Find the right visualization

Find the right visualization

PowerMetrics offers powerful and easy to use visualizations, no matter your technical depth.

  • Use our rich library of 28 chart types or explore the filters and segments within your data to highlight specific insights. Bar charts, smooth line charts, heat maps, tables, or radar plots: every visualization offers a unique perspective to your metric.
  • Visualize the same metric multiple ways: set up different filters or chart types, compare time periods, or add colours to your labels to have precision and control over your visualizations.
  • Combine several metrics from different data sources on one chart to get even deeper insights and make smarter decisions.
Self-serve exploration

Self-serve exploration

Change your metric visualization in seconds, not hours. No coding or formula writing required. 

Everybody can change the visualization with one click and build their own dashboards and reports.

visual customization

Segments and Filters

Dive into specific segments of your metric like geography, channel, or any other dimension that is built in. Or simply filter your data, for example, by date or product type. Segments and filters are powerful ways to visualize different aspects of your metric.

Chart Types

Choose from 28 chart types to visualize your metrics. From classic bar and line charts to out-of-the-box treemaps or radar plots, there’s a visualization type to match your needs.


Add colours to your charts and customize colours for specific segments (e.g., always use blue for the USA or green for Brazil) to highlight important insights or align with your company branding.

Multi Metrics

Visualize metrics from different data sources within a dashboard to compare them or see how they correlate. Or use Explorer to look at multiple metrics at once and find actionable insights. When you’re ready, save your visualizations to a dashboard to share with your team.


Metrics are about measuring progress. Add a goal to your visualization so you can know at-a-glance if you’re trending towards your target.

Turn your data
into insights

Dashboards and Reports

Make your metrics accessible to your team, no matter their technical abilities. Encourage a data-driven culture, align your team on goals, and drive change.

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